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17 Oct 2020 05:17:04
Because of my admiration of the film The Wailing below, I looked up for other works (hoping for another good horror film) from the same director, and decided to watch his first directorial debut, The Chaser.

It is more a decade old film, and it is actually loosely based on a real Korean serial killer. It is about a pimp who is looking for his girls that have been missing one by one. At first he thought the girls ran away from him, and because of that a mob is chasing him for money/loans he borrowed from them (I assumed, based on one single phone call scene). Then he found out that each girls were booked by the same guy (from the number the guy used to call him). So he set one of his girls as a bait (a single mom, and one of the main important bit of things to come later), and the "chase" begins.

As with most Korean films I have watched, gore is a norm, and it is as well with this film. There's a bit of political twist as well, where the police are hunting this killer as well, working together with the pimp. In between there's comical bits as well, and towards the final third, things are getting more serious, tense, and emotional and some heart.

Wow! A great thriller! It's pretty long but for me it is pretty good. It's not a horror film, so I would recommend this to Ed01 as well. There weren't any gunfights, car chase scenes, or explosions though. Just knives, fist fights, hammers, foot chase, and a lot of blood!

{Ed001's Note - I will take a look at that when I get a chance.}

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14 Oct 2020 12:38:22
I discovered another Korean gem, but this time it is an horror film; The Wailing.

The film has almost every element possible in it; humour (one of em is a sex scene, and its quite funny), great acting especially the young girl (played as the daughter of the main character), emotional, and of course the horror. And the horror part; it has zombies, demon, exorcism, and of course ghost.

It is super long, but I really enjoyed it from start to finish (not entirely on the ending, but I shouldn't expect happy ending especially from a horror movie, right?). This is one of a kind horror film that I really recommend to all horror film fans. This easily becomes one of the best in my horror films list.

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20 Sep 2020 01:37:47
Tom Hardy as the next Bond? What do you guys think about this latest rumour?

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21 Sep 2020 09:45:20
I'm not keen. I'm not sure who though.

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21 Sep 2020 10:43:52
I am with you northern. can't picture him as a Bond.

Bond has to be English, right?

{Ed001's Note - Hardy is English, he is from London. But Bond should be smooth, Hardy is not really all that smooth. I would go with Idris Elba, just because he does everything else so why not Bond as well?}

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21 Sep 2020 12:59:22
Yeah. Hardy is a beast. He is not smooth. A bad-ass Bond villain maybe, but definitely not Bond himself. I actually thought about Pattinson. He have that 'swag'. But he is Batman now. Elba is the Black Superman.

Loki is from London too, right?

{Ed001's Note - Hiddleston? I don't know where he is from but he is English. But he is a baddie, hence why he drives a Jaguar, because it's good to be bad. But then Bond is not really a goodie I suppose, as he is a bit of an arse. If Bond was real he probably would drive a Jag thinking about it, so maybe Hiddleston would be a good choice.}

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24 Sep 2020 13:17:37
Hiddleston is a good shout to be fair, Mcavoy would be good as well.

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16 Oct 2020 16:00:34
For me Ed its down to two people either Idris Elba or Henry Cavill I`d be fine with both tbh, if anyone hasn`t seen Idris elba in Bastille Day its not bondesc smooth talking but its basically what daniel craig does in these bonds.

{Ed001's Note - I quite like that film.}

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13 Sep 2020 13:39:20
To horror films fans, I think I have just discovered one hidden gem; Z. Not to be mistaken to World War Z, because this isn't about zombies, but a good ghost story with some scary scenes and jumpscares. It shows the ghost/monster in glimpses, which with all other films who did this, makes it more effective and scary. The story doesn't waste time but I think the last 15 or so minutes is a bit too much; I could tell from the start of that last 15 minutes how the film will end. So its a bit of a turn-off with the ending/finale because of this. They should have just shorten it, and it will be definitely be a better ending (but will definitely shorten the entire film to 70 mins instead of 80+ or 90). Another I would critize and a bit meh is the house on fire sequence. The CGI of the fire and the house is too obvious, and I felt the scenes will work just fine if the house is not on fire. There's no clear reason as well on how the fire started, so I think that is just pointless.

Interesting story, simple and familiar but not "cheesy", nice scary scenes and jumpscares, and really creepy ghost. I really recommend this one.

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07 Sep 2020 19:58:23
Just watched the new tenet and tbh I was blown away the scene with the aeroplane must cost some money to do that scene but recommend worth watching.

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09 Sep 2020 12:15:16
I really envy you Greyhound. The film already released here in my country, but I don't think I will be going to cinemas anytime soon. Have to wait for either the DVD or digital release; which judging by past Nolan's movies, it might take awhile!

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03 Sep 2020 06:15:05
Hi Ed’s and readers,
Long time fan of the lfc site. I noticed ed001 posted a link to a movie talk site, and boy was I happy to see that.

Watched a drama flick the other day called Scent of A Woman (1993) that tells the story of a high school student (Chris O’Donnell) who takes a job as an assistant to an irritable, blind, former United States colonel. (Al Pacino) The colonel wants one last tour of the ‘battlefield’ in New York before he plans to end his own life.

Absolutely amazing movie, had high hopes as soon as I saw Pacino’s name as I am a big fan of his. The acting was tremendous, you’d think he was a legitimate blind man. I’ll admit I got teary eyed a few times during the movie, really hit me in the feels. Must watch movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Pretty sure Pacino snagged the academy award for best actor for this role.

Have any of the Ed’s or posters seen this? Let me know if you thought it was as good as I did.

{Ed001's Note - I did see this a long time ago, around the time it came out, but didn't enjoy it. However back then I would have been bored by anything that wasn't just non-stop action. }

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03 Sep 2020 07:04:22
Time to re-watch it again Ed?

{Ed001's Note - maybe, if I get time.}

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03 Sep 2020 07:42:55
I think I watched part of it. But I didn't really like Pacino (please don't ask me why, I still don't know. I used to avoid his films. The only one film I watched until finish was The Recruit).

I used to choose films based on the actors. Not anymore though. But I still feel that I still don't like him. Hehe

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02 Sep 2020 09:03:26
This isn't a recent film; 5 or more years old already. But just watched it, and man, how did I miss this in the first place.

Fences, stars Denzel Washington, pretty much centered around Denzel's character and his family, and the conflicts they are facing; from being poor, to his brother mentally impaired causing problems, proud of his younger life but denied his son chances to do something better but instead wanted his son to work to help the family, had an affair, and a few others. It's a truly moving and powerful film. At first I really thought this film is based on a true story, a biography or some sort. I googled it and actually it is not. Its actually even directed by Denzel himself.

A great film. It's Denzel's, so it's not really a surprise.

{Ed001's Note - I have seen that listed many times but never got round to watching it. I will have to make the time to see it based on your review. The name just never made me think 'I want to see it'.}

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02 Sep 2020 10:51:20
Fences isn't one fancy title, I agree Ed01. It doesn't tell you anything, or not even trying to attract anyone. Fences is actually part of the film though, literally and metaphorically as well.

Denzel's character isn't really a character that you'd love, but the way he (and other characters) pulls you into it emotionally - you will feel angry, you will feel pity, and then sad - it is so moving.

Now I sound like a salesman, trying to sell you a copy of a DVD.

{Ed001's Note - the next time I see it listed as on I will make sure to check it out.}

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29 Aug 2020 12:17:25
Never said or asked this to anyone ever before. I did notice that the Black Panther was somehow "thinner" compared to his first appearance in Civil War. Was it really indeed he was thinner? Or its just me?

What a loss. Knowing that he fought for four years, and he did some of all those movies during that period, really showed that he was strong and a fighter. RIP Bosman.

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29 Aug 2020 17:34:38
Agreed, true warrior. R.I.P T'Challa.

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19 Aug 2020 23:12:34
Project Power

There is this pill; whoever takes it, they will get random superpowers. A young girl is dealing with the pills. A local cop is fighting against those criminals who take the pills to do crimes. Then there is an ex-military guy looking for her daughter.

Oh I like the story. I like the casts. I like the songs and the raps. I like quite a number of things in this film. Maybe the action is a bit lacking, though there is this one one-long-shot action sequence that I really like (and its not a chase scene). And the final-third especially the finale, maybe can be better.

It is not a great sci-fi action film, but still an entertaining one. One I would recommend to you guys.

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01 Aug 2020 01:39:10
Doctor Sleep

Danny, after the event of The Shining, and managed to lock-up the demons that been haunting him, living life with drinking and moving from place to place and finally ended up in a small town where he makes new friends, having two jobs, and sober. Things changed when a girl with a powerful "shine" contacted him (not literally of course), and then both team-up to hunt Rose the Hat and her accomplices who have been kidnapping and murdering kids for years (or maybe decades).

Please mind my description above. To be honest, I am struggling to describe the plot as simple as possible. I'm not suggesting that the actual plot is far more complicated though. The film is a sequel to The Shining, so there are loads of its subplots and sequences and elements are from the first film. However, if you haven't watch The Shining yet, I can assure you that you won't get yourself confused or lost watching this.

A good horror film, with nice scary scenes and a bit of gores, nice performances from the lead actors, and kind of nice finale and ending. I haven't read the book, so I am not sure if it stays true to the original Stephen King's novel. But still I would recommend this to those Stephen King fans.

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