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15 Nov 2021 23:05:26
No Time to Die

What an ending for Daniel Craig's Bond. No bombastic action in this, but there are some good setpieces, especially the scene where the SUV flips in the forest. I am not really a fan of Bond films, but I enjoyed Casino Royale and the other one with Javier Bardem in it. This is Craig's final outing as Bond, and it ends really well. Two thumbs up.

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04 Dec 2021 23:10:17
I finally got round to watching this. And as a huge fan of the franchise I really enjoyed this movie.

Craig has done well as bond and the film provided a great ending for him plus other franchise characters.

I'll be interested to see where they take the franchise, I'm really hoping they don't take the cheap way out and reboot it.

Personally I want 'James Bond' to effectively become a moniker similar to 007 that is passed to the best in the business. It opens it up to be literally anyone without changing the fundamentals of the original character.

These last five films have built the feeling that with saving the world there is a genuine cost. And by doing so have built the supporting characters and a framework for future movies. rebooting the franchise just so they can have a new take on james bond would be a huge disservice to the groundwork put in through these last 5 movies.

Plus the reaction to the ending opens up far more possibilities story wise and adds genuine jeopardy for future movies. Not exploring how this impacts the world would be a miss in my opinion.

I'd be interested to see where others think the franchise goes from here.

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05 Nov 2021 20:52:40
Anyone else looking forward to the rocky 4 directors cut?

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30 Oct 2021 05:07:17
Dune. An extremely gorgeous and beautiful film on the visual sense. I was expecting it to be slow, like Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival, but it is not that much. Everything in this film is gorgeous. But I really hate the ending. I know it's just the first part, but I think at least some more effort should be put on its ending, at least to have a certain level of "satisfaction" or climax.

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01 Oct 2021 02:51:45
Just watched 3 movies, so I will just squeeze them all in one post.


It's not really scary, but there are loads of messages it tries to convey through its story. I feel that the story about Candyman is more like a vessel, to carry a much bigger topic. I think it is a good film, but as a horror movie, not so much for me.


I believe I read somewhere many years ago that Neill Blomkamp was hyped so much, he was seen as a rising young director who will be among the great directors (I remember the articles mentioning the likes of Speilberg, etc). Chappie was bad, and now Demonic is just as bad. A horror film, but then suddenly it went nuts (some high-tech sci fi nonsense, then black ops team with priests as its members, some conspiracies this and that). There were some sequences with some pretty interesting visuals. Other than that, for me this is just crap. I watched until it finished. I don't know why.


This one I enjoyed the most among these three. Fun, and brutal. The fight and the action sequences aren't as good as, say John Wick. Love the setup (entirely in Japan), the soundtrack (Japanese pop and rock music), the pace, hmmm. I think I like them all. The only turn off for me is, the film ends with a story that is not possible for a sequel. It's strange for me for wanting a sequel, because I was hoping to see more of Kate.

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22 Sep 2021 23:52:37

When I first read about the latest horror movie from James Wan, my mind was thinking about Conjuring films, Insidious, and some other supernatural horrors he produced. That was my expectation before I watch Malignant; supernatural horror, possibly a haunted house, psychics investigating the events, and some other common themes in most horror films.

This is unlike any of those, and I'm saying this in a good way. Maybe it is more of monster movie. It is not really scary, but I really enjoyed it. A monster movie doesn't have to be too scary.

It's about a woman living together with an abusive husband, started having gruesome visions and seeing things. With the help of a pair of detectives and her sister, they uncovered the truth behind these visions.

I love the visuals, which have glimpses of the visual styles James Wan have in his previous films. There were a few fight scenes and a chase scene, and I love them both. It is quite gory, so there's a bit of Saw elements there. This film is somehow like James Wan is combining all the elements he had in his previous films, and combined them into one, and he did it well. Oh yeah, I am so in love with the soundtrack.

There was a twist, but somehow before the revelation, I was able to guess it already. Still, the revelation works really well, and though I was expecting it, it still did give me a bit of a surprise.

I think you guys should check this one out. I enjoyed it a lot. Two thumbs up.

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07 Sep 2021 07:28:41
The Green Knight

Set in the medieval age, a knight took a challenge and by next Christmas, he has to travel to the Green Chapel to face The Green Knight to complete the challenge. He faces a few challenges along the way; some of them were quite a struggle for me to comprehend.

The dialogues, the narration, and its English were quite "poetic", but when it ended, I managed to understand fully what the story is all about. The ending is a perfect ending.

The visuals are splendid and gorgeous, and the film feels haunted throughout. It is a fantasy film, but this is a fantasy film unlike any others that I have watched before.

It is a masterpiece. I think I am going to watch this again. You guys should too.

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21 Aug 2021 19:57:27
Watched Gone Baby Gone for the first time last night and rewatched Red Dragon the night before. Both very good films but got me thinking about two pretty underrated actors. Ed Harris was great as usual in GBG like he is in everything else.

Also surprisingly Anthony Hopkins. He was absolutely terrifying and mesmerising. Yes I know multiple Oscar winner and household name Anthony Hopkins surely can’t be underrated right? But whenever the greatest actors are discussed Pacino, De Niro, Bale (right Ed???) Hopkins doesn’t seem to get a mention. Maybe it’s just me?

So many good actors in that film though Ralph Fiennes, Keitel, Ed Norton etc

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09 Aug 2021 08:55:13
Suicide squad 2 and Jungle criuse watched this weekend.

Enjoyed both, well worth a few hours of your time.

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10 Aug 2021 12:53:04
Yeah it was fun. It was funny, violent, action-packed, great visuals, and filled with some heart-warming moments as well, about friends, family, and being a hero.

I read that WB gave complete freedom to Gunn in making this. You can easily feels that everyone involved in it are having so much fun.

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21 Aug 2021 19:52:50
Loved suicide squad! OTT action and humour but surprisingly touching in parts. Gunn nailed it

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26 Jul 2021 15:15:52
I managed to Watch wrath of man yesterday, I actually really enjoyed it, typical Jason Statham and typical Guy Ritchie but a good action/heist movie.

give it a go.

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28 Jul 2021 18:26:10
Enjoyed too mate but did you really think it was a typical Guy Ritchie film? Thought it was really different to his other stuff

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30 Jul 2021 09:47:25
I did in the sense of it going back on it self in parts to make the story more interesting and for it to make sense but yes I know what you mean.

Any recomendations mate for me to watch mate ?

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05 Aug 2021 05:39:29
Avoid Fast 9. Ridiculous, stupid at the highest level. After safe, tank, plane, and a submarine, guess what it is in Fast 9? Space!!! Fast 10 and 11 will have aliens and zombies, I am sure.

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09 Aug 2021 11:11:10
I watched it last week, over the top but I enjoyed it mate.

Cena seems to be in loads of things at the minute.

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10 Aug 2021 04:40:26
It was just too much for me mate.

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13 Jul 2021 19:15:41
Black widow was decent. Really liked it loads of funny bits. Missed the mcu films.

Defo worth a watch.

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15 Jul 2021 13:54:11
Yeah. It is really good. I love the tone, the story, the action, and I really like the characters too; Pugh was awesome, Harbour was quite funny. And what's good about it, I think, is the fact that it's not completely an origin story. Thumbs up!

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